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Reusable Tokens

Reusable Tokens

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Inside the box, you will receive:

  • 21 dual-sided Reusable Tokens
  • Marker with eraser

Tokens feature MTG color borders, including artifact (gray) and multicolor (gold). The reverse side of each token is a basic black border.


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Free shipping?

Yes, for everything over 40$/40€

Where is it made?

The Reusable Tokens and the box are made in Croatia. The marker is made in Germany.


After use, wipe the cards with the felt tip located on the bottom of the marker pen. If there is a large amount of marker ink on a card, use soft cloth instead.

Can't draw?

No problem! Simply write creature type and its abilities.

Are all borders in color?

Reusable Tokens are double sided. Other side is a regular black border.

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